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Motivational Topics - Corporate Theme

Inspirational Topics

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary with Employee Attitudes

Walls of Protection

A personal testimony of her journey of building walls of protection as a teenager.  These walls were the beginning of a battle with drug and alcohol addictions. Hear a touching true life story of a life from darkness to light. 
Positive attitudes will make or break a company or organization. Learn how ordinary people can change their attitudes to do extraordinary things for the company.  Learn ways to check your attitude and 5 phrases to use to stay positive.

Every Day Simple

​Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary with Customer Service Skills

Be inspired and learn how to keep up the battle every single day in fight the good fight.  Sue shares practical skills and shows you how to build your own tool kit.
Customer service skills are the heart of any excellent business. The front line employees can make or break your business with how they come across to the customer.  Learn 5 steps to keep your employee skills engaged with the customer. 

It's a Battle Out There

Learn how to put on the Armor of God so we are dressed for battle.  Teaching about each piece of armor as the tools we need to be ready for whatever is thrown our way.

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary with Teamwork

Teamwork is the key to business success.  Learn how successful companies strive to have effective teams who can work together to produce individual and team wide accomplishments.

Chains That Hold Us Down

Identify the things that hold us down; bad relationships, addictions, approval from others, perfection.  Learn ways to fight against these bondages that can hold us back from living the life God intended us to live.

Red Rubber Boots

When you get stuck in the mud of life it feels like you can't get out.  Learn how to get out and create practical skills that will help you live out of the muck of life.

Quilting the Pieces of Our Lives

Learn how everyday stories in our lives become 'pieces' of our unique life, stories sewn into a beautiful quilt of life. View a collection of historical and unique quilts as part of this time together.

​Anchor Your Day

Learn practical ideas on how to get your day set on the correct course. Receive helpful tips and ideas to allow you to stay on course through the strong gale winds in your day.

Friends to the END

Learn six ways to be a friend to the END. Focusing on how to be a GOOD friend that can keep the friendship alive until the END. 

Suit Up and Show Up

Learn how to be a successful business person and be ready for whatever gets thrown your way.  Be prepared with a positive mindset that allows for continued success.