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Substance abuse tears families apart…especially when the abuser is a teen or young adult. Carried by Faith shares the personal and candid story of Sue’s desperate and dangerous journey into drugs and alcohol.
Travel through her life from a typical childhood full of fun escapades on the family farm, through her troubled teen years as she was destroying her life with drugs and alcohol, to adulthood when she would question if there was a true, loving God.
This miracle story will captivate your thoughts while providing hope in the faithfulness of the one, true and loving God.
Book Reviews
"From the first paragraph to the final page this memoir is raw and intriguing at the same time. I couldn't stop reading it - a true example of Gods unfailing love. "
                                                               Lisa Plorin President - Women of the ELCA

"This is an amazing story that captures the innocence of childhood, devastation of betrayal, and the spiraling out of control from alcohol and drugs. It is a testament to God's love for us in any circumstance and a mother's unending love and prayers that are answered in miracles of life and faith. Carried by Faith is an inspiring story of God's grace and mercy that gives us hope!"   
Frank Schaefer - Retired Addiction Counselor


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