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Motivating & Inspiring Since 1999
  • Motivates and inspires with her "tell-it-like-it-is" approach to life. 
  • Inspires others to be all they are intended to be.
  • Shares her life of substance abuse to a life filled with miracles.
  • Encourages others with her caring, loving and honest approach. 
  • Excellent story teller, you'll love her honesty and sense of humor.
  • Writes like she speaks, very conversational.
Resume Qualifications
  • B.A. degree in Marketing & Management.
  • Over 26 years of experience in direct sales, top management, customer service, employee training and business development.  

Perfect choice for any business, organization, convention or retreat as a keynote speaker or break out session leader. 

If you love to hear a good story, then you will enjoy Sue, when she takes the platform. Your audience will be captivated by her riveting stories, everyday humor and challenging ideas.

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